Cup Noodles Pandaroll Plush Blanket Small

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ANIROLLZ have unusual, squishy bodies shaped like rolls. These uncont-roll-able animalz can't help but roll around everywhere they go. They also like to hide in everyday objects and food such as roll cake, burritos, bananas, and even cup noodles!

Our Anirollz friendz have decided to slurp their way inside a new comfort food, Cup Noodles!!

  • Perfectly Sized! These plushies are warm cuddly fun and the right size for taking with you wherever you go
  • Super Soft! Made from incredibly cozy- polyester fiber, these squishy toys have a marshmallow-like texture thats pillow-soft
  • Collectible Cuteness! Squad up and collect the entire Anirollz line of cute stuffed animals 
  • Size: 6"

Ages 3+

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