Crazy Ducks Game

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Turtles have 4 legs, flamingos only have 1 and the ducks have 2... Except the player's secret ducks which have 3! Can you uncover your opponents' ducks by counting legs?

Each player starts by drawing a secret duck tile. For that player each duck of that colour has 3 legs, all other ducks have 2 legs. Turtles have 4 legs, and flamingos have 1 leg.

Each player starts with 3 tiles on their hand, and 1 tile is player centrally in the table. On a players turn the player have to play 2-3 tiles in a row or column, adding it to cards already on the table. The following player have to announce how many legs there are in the just played row/column; according to that player. Once you figure out which secret duck a player has, you shout out the colour. If you guess correct you score all the tiles on the table. If you guess wrong the player you tried to guess score all the tiles on the table. Then a new round is played until all tiles are used. The winner is the player with the most scored tiles.

Players: 2-4
Time: 15-20 mins
Ages: 8+

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