Cosmic Mission Scratch Cards

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These cosmic mission scratch cards from Djeco are a fantastic artistic activity for older kids. Similar to engraving, use the tool provided to scratch the patterns shown on the card and reveal the astral picture beneath. Each card comes with holographic patterns and will look lovely on display once completed. 

Founded by a mother in France in 1954 and later awoken by her son in 1989, Djeco is a family business that creates thoughtful and inspiring toys with families in mind. With top designers and illustrators, quality and aesthetics may be essential to them, but they never lose sight of the true essence of a good toy: FUN! Djeco is driven by awakening children’s sense of wonder, enriching their imagination, and making them want to continue discovering.

  • recommended for ages 7-13 years
  • includes 4 holographic scratch cards, wooden scratch tool, and full instructions
  • cards measure 15 x 20 cm
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