DIY Worry Dolls Sweet Night

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Discover the Sweet night box from the Do It Yourself collection by Djeco, a creative box for children of 5 nightmarish dolls. Inspired by a Guatemalan tradition, these little dolls take care of chasing away little nightmares and allow children to have a sweet night's sleep. 5 hassle-free dolls to create: the small dolls are to be dressed by wrapping them with wool and colored tulles provided in the kit. Once dressed, children just have to tell them about their worries and slip them under their pillow in the pretty pouch provided.

The Do it yourself collection by Djeco is a collection of fun and accessible creations designed for one or more children, this kit will quickly become essential to spend a recreational time alone or shared with other children during birthday parties for example. The Do It Yoursel (DIY) or "do it yourself" allows all talents to flourish through unique models to be created which develop at the same time patience, creativity and dexterity.

Recommended age: 6 to 10 yrs

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