Clean-Up Broom Set

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Learn how to keep things clean and tidy with this cleaning set. With a broom, mop, dustpan, duster, a towel, and even a stand to hang your equipment on. You`ll have everything you need to keep your home looking spotless.

Ages 3+


  • DEVELOPMENTAL TOY: Perfect for developing fine motor skills, language skills and social skills
  • REMOVABLE MOP PADS: The mop pad is detachable and it is easier for kids to wash it.
  • ROTATABLE MOP HEAD: The mop features a flat mop head that can be flexible rotated when cleaning, which allows you to effortlessly wipe up all hard to reach all corners in the house.
  • CLEAN YOUR ROOM: The set is great for roleplay cleaning as well as actually keeping your own room and desk clean and tidy
  • GREAT ROLEPLAY TOY: Children will love to clean by imitating grown-ups in a fun, safe way
  • GOOD CLEANING HABITS: Great for encouraging kids to keep their environment clean and tidy
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