Charlie the Astronaut

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Discover the secrets of Space with Charlie the Astronaut. Connect to Charlie The Astronaut through the App via Bluetooth on your mobile device. From the App you can guide Charlie The Astronaut in two different ways, program him in a simple and fun way through its programming module (up to 200 actions) or direct Charlie with its remote-control system. Charlie The Astronaut is equipped with the most advanced technology, and you can control it through its smart control system (control with hand movements).

Discover the universe as you program Charlies the Astronaut to perform over 200 actions. Control with your hand, Charlie has 2 movements as he walks and slides. Download the app and enjoy hours of space fun!  The app includes a Spacepedia, includes Solar System video along with 2 games with over 300 questions.

We suggest for ages 7 and up.

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