Calico Critters Rainy Day Duo

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*The Nursery Friends -Rainy Day Duo- set is the perfect addition to any nursery playset! Contains two babies.
*This set comes with cute umbrellas, wellies  and even a puddle—perfect for rainy day play. The umbrellas fit in the babies’ hands.
*The babies are wearing raincoats with a cute cloud pattern.
*The babies can also wear the wellies.
*The Marshmallow Mouse baby is Albert and the Pookie Panda baby is Angela.

*Combine with Sunny Castle Nursery, Rainbow Fun Nursery Bus, Nursery Swing, Nursery Sandbox & Pool and Flora Rabbit Family (sold separately) for even more fun.
*Combine with baby and cradled baby figures (sold separately) for even more fun, imaginative playtime!

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