Calico Critters Blossoming Garden Set

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*The Blossom Gardening Set -Flora Rabbit Sister & Brother- contains the Flora Rabbit girl and boy and a variety of gardening accessories. The two characters have adorable droopy ears and love flowers.
*Comes with tulips, other flowers and accessories such as a shovel and watering can to tend to them.
*The flowers on the figures' ears can be swapped.
*Any of the four flowers can be put on the boy and girl's ears.
*The flowers can be put in the yellow planter.
*The Flora Rabbit family members are wearing matching checkered outfits in a cool blue colour.
*Alice the Flora Rabbit girl loves nothing more than to look at the grown-ups' book with pictures of the different flowers that grow in the village. She can often be seen out somewhere with her friend Hayden the Husky boy, with the flower book in her hand. She's normally the slow-talking type, but the words tumble out of her mouth when she's talking about flowers.
Lennon the Flora Rabbit boy is laid-back and a little clumsy. He loves gardening so much that he'll even water pots that have no seeds in them yet!
*Combine with the Flora Rabbit Family, Flora Rabbit Twins and Sunny Castle Nursery (sold separately) to collect the whole family for even more fun.
*The accessories on the figures' ears can be swapped with those in the Flora Rabbit Family and Sunny Castle Nursery (sold separately).

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