Bizyboo Hide N Seek Bags

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Introducing BIZYBOO™ Hide N Seek Bags! A delightful new line of portable, mess-free, and adorable busy bags.

There are 12 different whimsical characters, each representing a unique theme. Children prod and push the beads around, searching for the hidden objects within each character and matching them to those shown on the included card.

With 12 adorable characters to collect and over 200 secret objects to discover, BIZYBOO provides little ones with hours of fun and entertainment while helping them develop their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities and improving their concentration.

  • 12 adorable characters to collect and over 200 hidden objects to find!
  • BIZYBOO provides your little ones with hours of fun and entertainment while helping to develop their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities and improving their concentration.
  • Series 1 characters include Toasty, Joy, Blaze, Jack, Daisy, Aloha, GG, Cruz, Crumbs, Spacey, Peaches, and Papa Pizza.
  • Characters feature their name on their back, an attached tag showing the hidden objects, and a brief backstory. 
  • Fidget, sensory-based toy.
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