Wean Green Meal Tub, Grape

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Keep your food fresh with the Wean Green 36 oz. Meal Tub. Perfect for meals on-the-go, or for home-made TV dinners, this durable tempered glass container features a leak-proof silicone seal to prevent spills and lock in flavor.
  • Keep your food fresh in style with the Wean Green 36 oz. Meal Tub
  • Perfect for meals on-the-go or to store your leftovers at home
  • Durable construction withstands drops and falls
  • Non-porous surface lets you label the container and easily wash it off when you're done
  • 36 oz. capacity
  • Air- and water-tight silicone seal prevents leaks and odors
  • Child-friendly Smart Clip Lid designed so that small hands can open it with ease
  • Tempered glass that is 4-5 times stronger than a drinking glass
  • Freezer-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe
  • Measures 6.47" L x 4.61" W x 2.68" H
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