Stink Bombz Assorted

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You’ve heard them before. You’ve smelt them before. Heck, you’ve even produced them before. Now, thanks to TOMY, you can meet a fart.

Stink Bomz, from TOMY, are stinky plush friends that kids ages 6 and up can collect. That’s right, Stink Bomz are collectible fart friends that feature flatulence-firing noises and seriously stank smells. Good grief, that reeks.

While Stink Bomz are soft and plushy, they are also pungent and rank. Housed in a collectible and reusable package, each 5-inch collectible plush produces three unique fart noises when kids squeeze them. But beware: Each fart noise includes a stinky surprise! Stink Bomz may be a great gag gift this holiday season, but they are also bound to be kids’ new best friends.

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