Remote Control Raptor Dinosaur

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Realistic Raptor Fun: Wait till your youngster sees this RC toy dinosaur. It roars & moves in 4 directions – and its mouth glows vivid red – to the utter delight of young kids.

Recharges Fast for Longer Play: The secret’s the built-in ion battery, so powerful it keeps this robot dinosaur going strong for a full hour – with a 100-foot range – after each 180-minute charge.

Premium Remote for Precision Control: This extra large dinosaur toy comes with its own controller, which lets your child command every movement & special effect. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Armed with our easy-to-use remote control, your child can make this dinosaur:

  • Walk forward, backward, left, and right
  • Roar like a real raptor
  • Emit a glowing red light from its formidable jaws
  • Move up to 100 feet away and...
  • Keep going for 60 minutes

Ages 6+

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