OJO All-in-One Planter Fire Red

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Geobra Brandstätter’s LECHUZA and PLAYMOBIL brands are teaming up for an innovative collaboration. The OJO Planter introduces children to the world of plant care in a playful and original way and is the first planter to be produced with a PLAYMOBIL design. Combining the strengths of both brands, this new planter features the LECHUZA self-watering system, to support budding gardeners and existing fans. Plant care is now child’s play!

OJO is designed to look like a PLAYMOBIL figurine head, creating a planter that is sure to delights fans of the classic toys as well as many others. Growing and caring for plants is exciting, especially for children. The subject is also gaining increasing importance at schools and institutions. These unique planters with individual colourful hairstyles allow children to experience the world of plants in a playful way. Thanks to the unique LECHUZA self-watering system, children can learn about taking care for plants. Every little plant-lover is sure to find their perfect OJO! The planters can be customised with a choice of six different hairstyles: simply swap, mix and match to create playful new styles. A great gift idea for the next generation of gardeners!

Thanks to the wicking stick self-watering system, fresh plants can be put into this cool planter easily – includig the grow pot and avoiding elaborate repotting! Inserted into the bottom of the grow pot, the wicking stick supplies moisture to the roots. The planter’s large, round eyes follow the characteristic PLAYMOBIL look, and they also serve to indicate how much water is left in the reservoir. In this way, children stay aware of the plant’s wellbeing at all times. If the special interactive eyes are blue, this indicates that the water reservoir is full.

OJO, the innovative PLAYMOBIL friend for your plants, is available with six different hairstyles in the colours of ruby pink, apple green, aquamarine, ocean blue, fire red and raven black. The All-in-One set includes the planter, special interactive eyes and a wicking stick self-watering system

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