Kruselings Sofia Magic Costume & Wing Medium

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When Luna, Vera, Sofia, joy and Chloe are summoned by the "Fire Opal", a mysterious power that is known as the "shines bright heart", they turn into the Kruselings, the Guardians of the dreamland! Their job is to fight nightmares and to spread sweet dreams for all. The Kruselings experience adventures through the dreamland with magic tools and spirit animals by their side. Though the story of the Kruselings is one of friendship, togetherness and teamwork, each member has her own story to tell.

Now girls can become dream guardians or fairies, just like their favourite Kruselings character. Kruselings doll clothes and children costumes are designed to match! The Kruselings are widely known for their great sense of fashion and extravagant outfits. Dressed up like their favourite Kruselings doll, children can imagine themselves in the dreamland fantasy world.

Size: Girls size 5/6 medium: dress length 23.25”, suggested child’s height 43.5”-50”

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