Deep Diving Seahorse

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The PlaySTEAM Deep Diving Seahorse is a playful kit that uses interactive figures to teach buoyancy. This kits highlights an eco friendly message by having you look to your recycling for a plastic water bottle to use as your water tank. Pick the right sized bottle out of your recycling bin and clean off any existing wrappers, then add your sea horse and apply the included sticker to the back to give your sea creature a deep blue ocean background. Drop the included seashell charms to the bottom of the bottle and give it a gentle squeeze. You'll watch as the seahorse bobs up and down in the bottle, and with subtle movements you can hook and snag the charms on the seahorse's curved tail. Release the bottle and watch as it floats gently to the surface with its cargo. This is a relaxing game with a fun, simple design. When not in use the bottle can rest upon the converted packaging base, complete with ocean background and two treasure chest and sea creature cut outs.

Ages 8+

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