Crystal Palace

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Set off on a dazzling adventure as you explore the Crystal Palace of the Winter Kingdom! Lift the gemstone shield to lower magical icicles and block entry until the guards determine if the visitor is a friend or foe. The queen sits upon her throne while magical lights flicker up through the ice floor, a result of the illuminating crystal sparkling in the cave below. The royal family can ascend to their private apartment via the spiral ice staircase. The princess can select whichever outfit suits her best. Keep an eye on the magical hoop skirt: it changes patterns in the cold! When the princess wants to sneak away to a quiet place, she can lower the hidden ice steps outside her bedroom and climb up to the palace tower. Set includes the figures, throne, interchangeable outfits, bed, rocking chair, bejeweled scepter, rug, candelabra, vanity, ice flowers, love letter, quill, magical key, and lots of other accessories.

Ages 4+

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