Canadian Time & Money Flash Cards

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Kids will be on their way to wowing family members with their ability to tell time and count coins after using these flash cards! Kindergartners, first graders, or anyone who needs practice will learn to read multiple variations of digital and analog clocks, understand money value, and add Canadian coin combinations, by using these Time & Money Canadian Edition Flash Cards. There are some cards where kids can even use real coins to create a more complex and hands-on understanding of how money can buy their favorite things, like an ice cream cone or popcorn. Perfect for on-the-go learning, the pack includes 25 time-telling cards, 17 cards with price and coin-counting lessons on front and back, 7 cards with coins on one side and total on the other, 6 cards with coin picture/name on one side and total on the other, and a Parent Card with more activity ideas. Get an edge with the School Zone Advantage™!

Ages 6+

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