Biosphere Terrarium Zombie Apocalypse House of Horrors

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Create your own apocalyptic and horrifying planter with unusual plants that look like brains, eyeballs, and more! These freakish brain plants bloom in shades of red, yellow, and green. Your Zombie Apocalypse House of Horrors comes with all kinds of Zombie accoutrements such as Zombie plant stakes, a Zombie decal, and a naturally occurring and highly sought-after brain fossil! The high-quality planter has superior drainage and side ventilation to grow thriving zombie plant specimens. It also features a large viewing pane, so you can watch them safely. This collection of spine-tingling plants is quick to sprout and guaranteed to grow!

Contents include: Germination Dome, Brain Stone, Premium Compressed Germination Disk, 4 Zombie Plant Stakes, Metallic Zombie Dome Decal, 4 Zombie Seed Packs (Dead Eye Plant - Antennae Plant, Brain Plant, Money Maker Herb Plant - Sage, Zombie Plant - Wormwood), Growing and Care Instructions

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