All About Me Quiz Bracelets

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It really is all about you when you create the 7 unique Craft-tastic Quiz Bracelets! Your answers to questions like “How adventurous are you?” and “What is your power word?” found in the 14-page quiz book will guide the selection of thread, beads and charms to create 7 one-of-a-kind bracelets that are totally you!

The quiz book includes 7 quizzes with multiple choice questions about personality, style, favorites, friendship, future self, power words, and adventure. The Craft-tastic Quiz Bracelets set includes everything needed to get started right away.

The travel-friendly set includes 50 yards of nylon knotting cord, 26 dimensional stickers, 117 plastic beads, 8 o-rings, 1 metal connector, 13 metal rings, a 1 wire threader, and easy-to-follow instructions, as well as the quiz book. A great gift for kids, tweens and teens, the Craft-tastic Quiz Bracelets provide an engaging and fun journey to self-discovery and self-expression and lets them show their personality!


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