128pcs Experience Block Set

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Let your imagination and creativity free and create a wide range of interesting structures using this easy-build Poly M building blocks experience set. The kit includes 128 assorted Poly M bricks to nurture your child's construction skills and creativity. 

  • Easy building and deconstruction because all bricks are vacuum-free - small opening in each block 
  • No jamming - the bricks glide onto each other easily due to the rounded nubs - Creative building and unique construction possibilities - horizontal, vertical, three-dimensional and also circular structures 
  • PolyM blocks help develop creativity, strengthen children's problem solving capabilities and improve social skills. 
  • All PolyM sets are compatible with each other 
  • Unique rounded edges making them easy for little ones to use (no sharp edges) 
  • Made from a safe, flexible material 
  • Made from 100% recyclable material 
  • Environmentally-friendly production 
  • Especially high quality - long-lasting and robust 
  • Made in Germany
  • Suitable for children aged 2 -6 years 
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