IntelliGlobe II, 12" Smart Globe

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The Intelliglobe II Deluxe Interactive Globe for Kids is the educational and entertaining globe that contains 1,000’s of fun facts, geography, and general information that is truly interesting, useful, and thought-provoking. Touch the wireless Intellipen to the globe to play games and explore amazing facts about the world. The wireless Intellipen is easy to use for all age groups. The included World Discovery Book features maps, world flags, landmarks, animals, dinosaurs, foods, explorers, moon maps, sky maps, and more!

The globe itself mounted with a full-swing mounting to allow for left or right up and down rotation to see each area represented. Also, it includes raised relief on the surface of the globe to bring a 3D effect to various mountains and mountain ranges.

The Intelliglobe II uses a wireless pen to “read” microscopic symbols on the globe and World Discovery Book. Touch the wireless Intellipen to the world globe or book to play games, explore, and discover amazing educational facts about the world. Intelliglobe II is one of the most advanced world globes featuring thousands of interesting facts.

Ages 5+

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